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Shadow Boxes, or Display Cases are ideal for displaying all types of collections; guns, flags, artifacts, pocket knives, watches, military medals, badges, coins, patches, eye glasses, straight razors, civil war relics etc,.  For a full list of our in stock product click here

Our Flag Cases and our Flag and Medal Cases are great for displaying your loved ones burial flag, or military career memorabilia.  The solid construction of all our cases makes them truly heirlooms to be passed down through the generations. 

We build our Solid Wood Shadow Boxes or Display Cases by hand.  Made in the U.S.A., with all American components, and select hardwoods such as; Oak, Walnut, and Cedar. The corners are secured with biscuits, and the backs are built into the case, not nailed on.  We use glass in the viewing section, not plastic.  The quality of our cases is unsurpassed. 

Each case has brass hinges and locking catches, also includes a layer of foam, and felt color background.  We use two coats of lacquer on our finishes. 

Those wonderful collectibles you have gathering dust on a shelf need some protection. Not only that, they are hard to see when they are on a shelf. Displaying them in a shadow box will protect them, as well as display them so you can see and admire them without fear that they might get broken.


A shadow box is really nothing more than a deep picture frame. Our cases are built with love and care because we know how important it is to protect and preserve collectables.


Decide which of your collectibles are going to go into the shadow box. You will need to measure height, and width of each one. Measurements don't have to be exact, but be sure it will fit in the inside dimensions of our shadow boxes.  The measurements listed on our pricing page is outside dimensions, you'll need to take about 1/4" off in the depth for inside clearance. 


Plan your arrangement. Instructions on displaying a collectible in your shadow box:  Lay the case or shadow box on it's back, and open the lid - the foam insert and felt background works excellent as an anchor to hold your items in place.  Lay your items on the foam/felt and arrange however you would like to display them, close the lid, and everything should stay in place.  It's that simple!


Your shadow box is finished, and you can hang it on a wall or stand it on a shelf, knowing that your small collectibles are no longer going to be subject to dust and damage.



Our prices are extremely low!  I doubt you will find better prices anywhere for the quality!  Receive a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.


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